Eboni Nichols

Eboni Nichols is a well-known African American Choreographer. Along with working for films and television, Eboni has also worked with different famous artists. 40 years old Eboni Nichols was born on 12th May 1978.

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Eboni Nichols Biography

Eboni spent her early childhood in Ada County, Idaho. Eboni has been very interested in dancing since her early childhood as she started to learn dancing at a Bre Dance Studio at a very young age of 8. Eboni attended Valley View High School, California. After completing her high school education, Eboni got enrolled in Chapman University, California. Nichols kept on pursuing her love for dancing and graduated from Chapman University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Nichol majored in Theater and Dance studies.

After completing her studies, Eboni joined the Los Angeles Laker Girls where she gained a lot of experience. Eboni was blessed with great talent and beauty. She landed on a great opportunity soon and started working with top artists including Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Queen Latifah, and Usher. Eboni toured with these great artists and performed live as well as in the videos. Eboni caught the attention of producers soon. The talented dancer was given an opportunity as a choreographer for various events and commercials. Eboni kept on succeeding and worked as a choreographer for commercials of a lot of famous brands including McDonald's, Apple, and Toyota.

Other than that Eboni worked as a choreographer for British Grammy, The Charity Dream Girls, The Block Financial Corporation, and Spotlight Events Inc. Eboni choreographed for the National Football League, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and American Idol. The famous Choreographer also worked for movies, including Dream Girls, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Girls Trip, and the Office Christmas Party. Other than that, Eboni Nichols is also honored to have an honorary membership of “Television Academy’s Board of Governors”. Eboni is also the Co-Governor of the Choreography Peer Group of the Television Academy.

What does an Instagram photo tell about Eboni’s sexuality?

There are a lot of rumors about Eboni’s sexuality. However, Eboni herself never shared her thoughts on this issue. There are some photos which show that she was spotted with Queen Latifah being in a romantic relationship. The rumors started when a pictured was revealed on Instagram in which Eboni was kissing Queen Latifah. Another picture was posted on Instagram after which the rumors spread about Eboni’s pregnancy.

It was also rumored that Eboni and Queen Latifah are going to start a family together. Later there were also more rumors which claimed that Eboni Nichols and Queen Latifah were no more in a relationship and had broken up. However, there is no authentic news about Eboni’s sexuality as of now. Eboni has also choreographed for Queen Latifah.

Has Eboni gone through a divorce? Is she currently married?

There is no authentic news about Eboni’s current marital status. However, according to the information available, Eboni has not gone through a divorce.

Eboni’s Net worth

Eboni’s net worth has not been revealed yet, but considering her successful career, it is safe to say that she must have earned a great fortune.

07 Feb, 2019