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Dwight Drummond, born on 22nd September 1968, has been a TV journalist of Canada. He is presently associated with CBC Television, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Drummond was born in Montego, Jamaica, and shifted to Canada in the year 1976 when he was hardly 9 years old. He spent his early life in the neighborhood of Jane and Finch in Toronto. He studied at a high school situated at Runnymede Collegiate Institute. He graduated in the Radio and Television Program from the Ryerson University.

career of Dwight Drummond

Dwight Drummond started his career in the television world with Citytv where he worked as a security guard in “Electric Circus” in the year 1989. Since then he has worked in various capacities such as floor director, teleprompter operator, deputy chief of assignment, studio cameraman, videographer, and anchor. At this point in time, he worked as a cameraman in the music video Let Your Backbone Slide.

In the year 1995, Drummond had been arrested by Toronto Police for “high-risk takedown”. However, it was described by the people as a case of racial discrimination. The incident, in all probability, propelled him to switch to the role of an on-air journalist from the technical side. Initially, Drummond worked as anchor for the CityNews at Noon, but later he had been appointed to anchor a newscast named CityNews at Five. There had been a layoff in the CityNews in the month of January 2010, and Drummond lost his job as an anchor. However, he continued to be associated with the channel as a crime specialist. Later, on 6th of September 2010, he resigned from his post. He signed with Anne-Marie Mediwake for working as a co-anchor on 12th October 2010.

What is the age of Dwight Drummond? Is Dwight Drummond Married? wife, divorced

Drummond took birth on 22nd September 1968, and thus, his age presently is 50 years.

Drummond is a married man. He has married Janice, a model. They met when she was modeling for the show Cityline, and Drummond was there as a cameraman. Drummond once said that Janice could not see him, but he saw her well. They had been introduced to each other by a common friend, and she took his telephone number. She did not call him for some time, but finally, she called him, and the relationship took off. They tied the knot, and have been blessed with two daughters namely Kayla Catherine and Jolie Kara. They are a happy lot, and enjoying life.

The name of Drummond's wife is Janice. Drummond has not divorced his wife as yet. Presently as per the record, Drummond does not have a girlfriend. He has been leading a happy married life with wife and children. The net worth of Drummond has been estimated at $560289. There is nothing in the record about his salary.

23 Dec, 2018