Dr. Lisa Masterson

Dr. Lisa Masterson is a well-known American gynecologist. Lisa is specialized in obstetrics and gynecology. Lisa has earned huge fame because of great success in her field.

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Dr. Lisa Masterson age

Lisa Masterson was born as Lisa Marie Milner on 19th March 1966 in Louisiana, the United States. The famous doctor is going to be 53 years old very soon.

Lisa Masterson biography

Lisa grew up in Louisiana. Lisa went through a lot of difficult situations during her childhood. When Lisa was just 3 years old her parents split up. Lisa lived with her mother. It was hard for Lisa and her mother to live a stable life as they had no support from Lisa’s father. When Lisa was very young, the civil rights war in Louisiana made the situation even worse. Lisa used to move a lot with her mother as Lisa’s mother was not able to afford the rent. Lisa and her mother had seen the worst days when they couldn’t even afford the food. Lisa’s mother became the victim of depression.

However, Lisa’s mother knew the importance of education for Lisa. Lisa never lost hope even when she had to take care of depressed mother along with a lot of work to support her. Somehow Lisa was able to attend private schools for her education because of the efforts of her mother. Lisa went to join the Bishops School in La Jolla. Later, Lisa attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Lisa went to attend the residency program at the University of Southern California and graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Lisa went through a hard time when her mother died because of terminal cancer in the year 1993. Lisa was doing an internship at USC County hospital at that time.

This incident terribly affected Dr. Masterson and she stopped eating used to stay in her room for days. Lisa’s son Daniel helped her and reminded her that she was better than this. Lisa worked harder and became a famous doctor. Dr. Masterson works in Santa Monica. Lisa also established the Ocean Oasis Medical Spa. Lisa also appeared on a number of shows as an expert in her field. Dr. Masterson also writes medical related articles and her articles were published in the top journals including the Green Journal and The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Lisa also wrote her biography and it was titled “Paper Dollhouse” after an incident when she made a dollhouse of paper to show in her class as a child because she was so poor.

What are Lisa’s views on serovital?

There is no clear report on Dr. Masterson’s views about serovital.

What does wiki say about Lisa’s net worth?

Lisa’s net worth has not been revealed as of now.

Is Lisa married? Did she get a divorce? Who is her husband?

Lisa was married to Stephen Masterson but the couple got divorced.

Does Lisa have children?

Dr. Masterson has a son named Daniel.

01 Mar, 2019