Diedre Bolton 

Deirdre Bolton is a very renowned television anchor. She is also a very talented journalist and is now working with the Fox Business Network.

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Deirdre Bolton was born in the year 1971 on September 21st. As a child, she spent her childhood days in New York. She was brought up in a middle class family. She was born to her parents and had no siblings. Her father was a teacher and also worked as a part time lecturer in the college. Her mother used to run a business of fashion boutique in the locality. Her mother became very popular in the city due to her talents as a designer. When she was only twelve years old, her father passed away due to a heart attack. She went to the University of Iowa in the New York City only. She had a knack for learning literature. She studied English and French in the University after completing her high school education. She achieved a major degree in both these subjects from the University.

She always wanted to become a professor in the future but when she went to the college, her likings changed and she wanted to become a journalist. She showed a great interest towards news affairs and magazines and also did a wide research regarding her passion for journalism career. She was also given an internship opportunity by a renowned magazine due to her very impressive research work in the university workshop. She also took a part time training from a media institution to learn the basics of the journalism profession.

When she completed her university education, she pursued with her journalism profession and research work regarding some of the recent topics in the city. She also trained herself to become an anchor. When she was still studying in the university, she started her career as an anchor. She had all the talents as an anchor and hosted the events very skilfully. She also had a great voice due to which she became very successful in her anchoring career. As she did not have any degree in journalism, it was a bit hard for her to get a job as a journalist. She became so popular as an anchor by then, that it was not at all difficult for her to get a job as a journalist.

In the year 1993, she joined a popular channel as an assistant journalist. She was assigned in the local news department initially, to test her skills and creativity in the field of profession. After impressing her seniors with her job skills in the office, she started working in the sports department of the office where she played the role of an anchor and as well as of the journalist. All the information portrayed on the show was presented by herself and she only anchored the show. Everybody in her workplace was quite aware of her talent and popularity as an anchor so she got the opportunity very easily. The show also achieved a lot of popularity due to her creativeness and innovative presentations and information.

01 May, 2018