David Venables

David Venable is a popular chef. He is known to the world for his culinary skills as a talented chef.

David Venable was born on November 12th but we could not know his exact year of birth. He was born to American parents. His parents were very poor and they had to go through a tough financial condition. When he was only seven years old, his mother became paralysed and she became bed ridden. His father had to go to work and could not stay at home for most of the time. He did not even have any siblings to help him at home. He alone had to take care of the home, do all the household chores, cook and then went to the school. His passion for cooking developed from this stage of his life. He found great interest in his daily cooking routine and tried to bring innovation in cooking every day.

When he first started, he had no idea about the spices and what to mix with which but as time passed by, he became an expert. At the age of eleven, he used to make such innovation in cooking which was probably a hard job for an established chef. He made cooking his passion and when his father could not bear any extra expense, he took a part time job at a shop. He saved the money which came from it and bought cooking ingredients with it. Instead of buying any toys or his books, he used to buy his cooking ingredients. He cooked so well that his neighbours even used to ask him to cook whenever there was an occasion.

When he became sixteen years old, he started his home delivery business. Though he first wanted to start an inn but as he hardly had any capital to invest, he dropped the plan. His home delivery business soon spread among the people and his business became successful soon. Everything he cooked was so delicious and full of flavour that the number of customers kept increasing. Besides, he also continued with his education and graduated from the University of North Carolina. He wanted to pursue his further education with his passion so he did not continue with his formal education anymore.

He used to watch regular cookery shows and read the magazines to know about the latest techniques of cooking. As they used to live in a suburb area of the town, all the cooking ingredients and implements were not available. By that time, his mother has also recovered from her paralysis and could take care of the house. So he moved to the city to avail better career opportunities as a chef. He started taking cooking classes which trained them for going to the famous cooking competitions. He went to the popular cooking competitions which helped to increase his popularity. He was awarded as a chef by the institution and after that, he has also appeared on several cookery shows. He also has a huge number of followers.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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