David Muir is a popular journalist from America. He is well-known for his notable contributions to the media industry.

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David Muir was born in the year 1973 on November 8th in New York. He was born to his catholic parent and had one sibling. When he was about three years old, his parents separated leading to some extra marital affairs of his mother. He had to move with his mother along with his sibling. After this, his mother got settled with another person and he had to stay with his step-father and step siblings. Those days were really frustrating for him but soon, he started adjusting with his new family members.

From a very young age, he had the knack for learning different languages. Besides being fluent in the English language, he took great interest in Spanish language as well. He went to the Onondaga Central Junior High School. He was a very good student and graduated from the school with very good grades. After completing graduation, he visited the Park School of Communications in New York to achieve the bachelor's degree in Journalism. He even made various appearances in the seminars of the journalism during his university days.

In the year 1995, he stepped into his journalism career. He was appointed as an anchor and also as a reporter by the WTVH television. Due to his dedication towards his work, he was also honoured by the Radio-Television News Directors Association. He was also awarded as the best anchor in Syracuse. After this, Muir joined the WCVB television, as a reporter. He was ranked as the best investigating reporter and also as the best headliner award. After his great success in his reporting career, he joined the ABC News in the year 2003. He joined it as an anchor for the program World News Now.

By the year 2007, he received various promotions and anchored the show World News Saturday. His anchoring skills were very good which fetched him the chance to co-anchor the popular news show Primetime. He became so popular after anchoring these popular shows that a broadcast was launched and was named World News with David Muir. This was the turning point in his journalism career. The next year, he even received a promotion to become the co-anchor of the show 20/20 on ABC channel.

Muir has always loved his profession. He never thought of risks, while covering the news. He has always tried to reach the common people, know their crisis and make the world aware of them, to find a solution. Besides this, he is also a great social worker. He is not known to be involved with any kind of charity or fund but he is always there to help the people in need. He concentrates mainly on providing help to the victims of natural calamity and on the educational facilities provided to the orphans. From his social media websites we came to know that he even raised a fund recently for helping the flood victims.

15 Oct, 2017