David Mccallum

When we talk about and remember the works of David McCallum, we certainly recall his acting prowess apart from his capabilities also as a musician. He is basically of Scottish-American descent. Born on September 19, 1993 he first came into the limelight in 1960 in the famous television series of yesteryears by the name The Man from U.N.C.L.E where he did the role of Illya Kuryakin quite wonderfully.

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It still continues to be talked about and even those who belong to the younger generation have quite a few things positive to say about it. David also has acted in a number of other famous roles and one such title is Sapphire & Steel where he was the inter-dimensional operative Steel. Hence there is no doubt that there are quite a few interesting things as far as his biography is concerned. Let us try and unfold as much as possible about his life and achievements.

Early Life

David McCallum was born in Maryhill, Sussex. He was the second son of David McCallum who was an orchestral violinist and Dorothy Dorman who was a cellist. He moved with his parents to London when he was just three years old because his father had to work as a concertmaster with the famous London Philharmonic Orchestra.

David moved back to Scotland during the Second World War and here David lived with his mother in a place called Gartocharn. He was a good student and won a scholarship to University College School located in Hampstead, London. He loved music at an early age and cajoled and persuaded his parents to take note of his skill set and liking. McCallum began his music career in 1946 when he was just thirteen years old.

Personal Life

David McCallum got married to Jill Ireland and the marriage took place in 1957. But the marriage was not ordained to last the full course and David and Jill parted ways in 1967 and got divorced. He again married Katherine Carpenter and this marriage happened in 1967 and since then they have been living happily together. David has five children out of his marriage. Three children were out of his first marriage (one was adopted) and two children are from his marriage to Katherine Carpenter.

Net Worth

The net worth of David McCallum should be around $10 million dollars which is quite decent.


David has a successful career both in the small and big screens. He made his big screen debut in the year 1957 and in the same year he acted in four titles starting with III Met by Moonlight where he was a sailor. This was well received and thus began his journey in the big screen.

He has acted in a total of 41 titles from 1957 to 2015 spanning a career of 58 long years. David’s small screen achievements are also quite impressive. His television career started on the right note in 1961 with the title Sir Francis Drake in which he did the role of Lord Oakshott with aplomb. This made him quite popular in the small screen and he has since then acted in 67 more titles and the last one was in 2016.

17 Feb, 2018