David Blaine

David Blaine is a famous American Illusionist and magician. The artist has been active since 1997 and earned a fair share of fame over the years. David Blaine is 45 years old. David was born as David Blaine White on 4th April 1973 in Brooklyn, New York.

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David Blaine's Biography

David was born to William Perez and Patrice Maureen. David’s father, William, was a veteran who served during the Vietnam War. David’s mother, Patrice, was a school teacher. David was brought up by his single mother. David got very interested in magic at the age of 4 when he saw a magician performing. Blaine went to various schools in Brooklyn in pursuit of early education. David’s mother got married to a man named John Bukalo when David was 10 years old. David moved to New Jersey with his mother and step-father. The magician went to Passaic Valley Regional High School in New Jersey to complete his early education.

David had started practicing magic tricks in a very young age and attended an acting school in Manhattan when he was 17. David decided to pursue his career as a magician when he was 20. Blaine went through a tough time when he was 21 and his mother had died due to cancer. The hardships couldn’t resist David’s passion for magic. David started to perform in the streets and became a very famous street performer. David got huge appreciation from the audience, which convinced him to move further in his career. David filmed his performance and sent to NBC. David’s performance impressed the producers at NBC and he got an interview call.

David started his first television show, which was titled “David Blaine: Street Magic”. The show first appeared on 19th May in the year 1997. The show was a huge success. The show continued with the name “David Blaine: Magic Man” for two more years. David performed a lot of stunts and magic tricks and some of his most famous stunts include Frozen in Time, Above the Below, Drowned Alive, and Dive of Death. David not only appeared on TV and magic tours across the country but also performed for a lot of personalities including former US Presidents in private ceremonies.

Does David go on magic shows and tours around the country?

David Blaine traveled for his magic shows around the country. These tours got David more fame than ever. David also did magic shows and tours to raise money for charity. In the year 2010, David performed for 72 hours in Times Square to raise money for charity purpose and raised around $100,000.

Is David Married? Who is his Wife?

According to various resources, David Blaine was engaged to Alizee Guinochet. David and Alizee have a daughter. However, David keeps his personal life private and there is no authentic information if David or Alizee got married or not.

David Blaine’s Net worth

According to the information available, the estimated net worth of David Blaine is 12 million dollars.

07 Feb, 2019