Daphne Oz is famous for being a television personality, nutritionist, and author. She is known for her hosting duties on The Chew which airs during the day on ABC.

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Daphne was born on February 17, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She really great parents that wanted to teacher her how to listen and at the same time how to be heard. All of her siblings have strong attitudes but their parents were able to keep them in control. They wanted to show their children that they couldn’t always be right and being right all the time was not an important goal to reach. Daphne learned about balance from her parents and how to act in social settings.

She graduated from the Dwight-Englewood School in 2004. The advice she learned from her parents was valuable when she was in college. Her parents showed her how to feel like a member in a group without losing her self identity. Daphne also learned how to be competitive but in a non traditional away. Instead of competing against her siblings, she was taught how to compete with herself because her parents wanted to make sure she knew that the biggest obstacle was herself.

Nutrition and Television
On ABC’s The Chew, Daphne is able to express her knowledge on nutrition and her vibrant personality with her insights on food. She thinks that the audience of the show is really into it because they can sense the chemistry that the hosts have on the show. Sitting down and watching the show is like hanging out with your friends and talking about food.

She is very close to the cast and crew. Outside of the show, they enjoy talking to each other, going out to eat, and they even hold events where all of their families get together to spend time. The show’s format is very informative and brings facts about food to the audience in an entertaining way.

When Daphne was just a teenager, she published The Dorm Room Diet which was a manual to help college students eat healthy. That was the big start to her career as she has now built a fanbase that appreciates her healthy recipes. She has been all over the cooking world and has made frequent appearances on cooking zones like the Food Network.

Personal Life
Daphne got married to John Jovanovic in 2010. The couple have been able to be successful because of their dedication to compromise. She is grateful that she has a partner that helps her break her bad habits. If you are a partner that is unwilling to sacrifice, a marriage will not work. Daphne and John do a great job at walking the line between give and take.

The couple have two beautiful children together with another one on the way. Their two children are Philomena "Philo" Bijou Jovanovic and Jovan Jovanovic. In an interview with The Tot, Daphne shared her motherhood philosophy, “I think it’s so important for us to remember that we are still women after we become mothers. We’re still allowed to love the things we used to love and be the people we used to be, even though all our priorities have shifted now that we are the upgraded 2.0 version of ourselves. This is the real juggling act of motherhood: how do we meet the needs of everyone who relies on us and take care of ourselves too? The happiest kids have happy parents to show them how it’s done”

In her spare time when she is not running after the kids or spending quality time with her husband, she likes to workout. The workouts she enjoys the most are Dance Body and Soul Cycle because it allows her to check out and not even remember that she is exercising.

29 Nov, 2018