Dana York’s Biography Dana York is the widow of the famous rock and roll musician Tom Petty. Her late husband died on 2nd October 2017 after suffering a heart attack. It was Dana who made the call to 911, and while waiting for the ambulance she did a CPR to revive him. Tom Petty succumbed to the heart attack, which was discovered by the LA county medical examination to have been caused by toxicity from a mixture of drugs. The events leading to singer Tom Petty’s death are what mainly pushed Dana York into the public limelight.

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What is the age of Dana York? Dana York was born in 1964 at Flint in Michigan but grew up in Genesee. She is currently 55 years of age.

Dana York Career After graduating from Flushing High School in 1982, Dana would later serve as the principal of a University High School located at Ferndale in Michigan. She ended her career in education after starting a relationship with Petty. She joined Tom's band and took up the role of scheduling tours.

Is Dana York Divorced? York divorced her first husband in 1996 due to marital issues. It is coincidentally the same year that Petty divorced his other wife.

Marriage to Tom Petty The same year, 1996 when both Dana and Petty left their previous marriages, they got into a relationship. After six years of dating, they solemnized their wedding on 3rd June 2001. The wedding which had only family and close friends in attendance was held in Las Vegas at the Hard rock hotel. After the marriage, there was a party at Chris Steakhouse, Vegas. The couple later had another wedding on 21st June. This was a few weeks after, at their home in Malibu. This second ceremony was much bigger and was officiated by a pop star, Little Richard.

Dana York as Wife to Superstar Tom Petty From a normal American girl born and raised in Michigan, Dana York rose to fame after she got married to her famous husband.

Who is Dana York's Husband? From his first marriage, Tom Petty was deep into drugs, but Dana did not know it until later. Upon learning of her husband’s problem with drugs, she sought help for him. Dana had watched her father battle drug use, and the experience helped a lot in getting her husband off addiction. In Tom Petty’s confession, his wife Dana had saved him from the addiction. Tom Petty died on 2nd October at the 66.

Does Dana York Have Kids? Dana York and Tom Petty did not have any kids together. However, they both had kids from their previous relationships. Dana has a son called Dylan who was often seen with Petty before he died. Tom Petty had two daughters named Adria and Violette. It was Dana who helped in rebuilding the relationship between the girls and their father Petty. The two stepdaughters of Dana are both artistic like their father. Violette is into fashion and design, while Adria is a music and film director.

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