Dakota Theriot

Dakota Theriot came into the spotlight when he attempted murders in the United State. Dakota was arrested as a suspect in the murder of his family, girlfriend, girlfriend’s family. Dakota’s story became popular as the information was revealed to the public.

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Dkota's age, height, nationality, and ethnicity

As per wiki, the suspected killer Dakota Theriot is 21 years old. The exact height of Dakota has not been revealed yet. According to the information available, Dakota resided in Gonzales, Louisiana for most of his life. Dakota was born in the United States and holds American nationality. Dakota’s ethnicity is reported to be Caucasian.

Dakota Theriots biography

As per wiki, Dakota was born to Keith and Elizabeth Theriot in the year 1997. The exact date of birth of Dakota is not known as of now. Dakota’s parents, Keith and Elizabeth, got married on 8th May 1993. Dakota grew up with his siblings and cousins. Dakota was also enrolled in school at the time he committed this horrible crime. As per the records, Dakota had not much criminal activity in the past and got arrested only once in April of 2018. The reason for Dakota’s arrest in 2018 was the possession of drugs. Dakota’s arrest happened when he was asked to stop the car by a police officer and he didn’t. After a little chase, Dakota was arrested and authorities found drugs in his possession. Other than this on arrest, Dakota had no past criminal activity.

This time Dakota is in custody as a suspect for the murder of 5 people. According to the authorities, 5 victims were found dead on 26th January 2019. The victims include Dakota’s parents Keith and Elizabeth Theriot, Dakota’s girlfriend Ernest, Ernest’s father Billy, and Ernest’s Brother Tanner. Authorities reported that two bodies of Dakota’s parents were found in their home. Dakota’s girlfriend Ernest, her father, and her brother were found in their home.

Authorities claim that both cases are linked. According to the sources, Dakota had some problems with his parents which may have been the cause of this terrible act by Dakota. It is also reported that Dakota was living at his girlfriend’s house. The murder was committed on 26th January 2019. Dakota was arrested on 27th January 2019 and suspected as the killer.

Was Dakota found wearing jeans and driving a car on 27th January 2019?

Dakota was seen driving away in a 2004 model Dodge pickup truck of gray color. It was suspected that the pickup truck belonged to his family. Dakota was found in Richmond and arrested by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. As per authorities, Dakota drove for 16 hours to get away from the authorities and reached Warsaw, Virginia. Dakota was reportedly heading towards his grandmother’s home in Virginia and got arrested on the way.

Is Dakota Theriot married? Has he gone through a divorce?

Dakota Theriot is not married yet. The suspected killer Dakota is a young boy of 21 and has not gone through a divorce.

04 Mar, 2019