Cozi Zuehlsdorff

Cozi Zuehlsdorff’s biography, age, married, boyfriend, career, networth

Cozi Zuehlsdorff or Cozi Noelle Zuehlsdorff was born on August 3, 1998, in California, USA. Through the name of her parents were not disclosed, it is known to everyone that she has an older sister named Lacey Zuehlsdorff. Cozi is of white ethnicity and has Light brown hair and honey blond colored eyes. Owing to her busy schedule, Cozi didn’t have time to attend regular school, but she continues her studies through a homeschool program. In June 2016, she has completed her high school.

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What is Cozi’s age?

Cozi is now 20 years old and continues building her game and career in the field of acting.

Is Cozi married to her boyfriend?

Gaining fame at a young age, she became one of the fans’ favorite. Talking about her status, the actress is still single, and there is no information about her dating life. Cozi wants to keep it sealed and choose not to talk about it.

Cozi's career

Cozi is a famous singer and actress. Cozi started acting when she was 13 years old and acted in her first movie in 2011 when she portrayed a role in the film Dolphin Tale. Cozi's character as Hazel Haskett continued in Dolphin Tale 2. The young actress also appeared in Disney’s Liv and Maddie and Mighty Med. The young actress also performed at a local stage, and she played roles in the production of Annie and The Wizard of Oz. Cozi also landed a role in the movies Mighty Med and Made in Hollywood.

In 2012, Cozi's hard work truly paid off when she was nominated with Best Supporting Actress in the year’s Young Artist Award. The actress has appeared in the medical drama show of TNT as Tricia Miller, a young pianist with a tumor in the brain.

As a singer, Cozi made few singles. Some of the singles are Handpainted and Brave Souls. She was also featured in albums: Hellberg in 2015, Rich Edwards and Vicetone in 2016, Myrne in 2017 and Vicetone in 2018. Apart from Dolphin Tale, she also made appearances in Winter: The Dolphin, and Pure Country: Pure Heart in 2017.

In 2013, during the filming of Dolphin Tale 2, she attempted at songwriting which started with three songs and recorded in their home’s recording software. The songs got the attention of Alcon Entertainment. Inspired, she continues songwriting and now has her EP “Originals” are all set to be released at the end of 2018. The EP features seven songs by Berdon and mixed by Craig Bauer, a Grammy Award winner in mixing.

The actress has also acted in a few television series: Looked and Made in Hollywood (2011), Monday Mornings, voiced in Sofia the First, and Liv and Maddie which she voiced as the ocean; Liv and Maddie and Code Black in 2015; KC Undercover in 2016 and Freaky Friday in 2017. Most of her films were connected to Disney production.

04 Dec, 2018