Cori Yarckin

Cori Yarckin Bio and age

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Cori Yarckin is a singer and American actress. When she was only seven years old, she got a role of appearing in the stage production known as Oliver! Afterwards, she did The King and I musical. She appeared on the television for the first time at the age of eight when she was dancing for Sebastian’s Caribbean Jamboree, a Disney Channel Special. She spent two years playing in Orlando Opera when he was dancing and singing in Othello and the Queen of Spades.

She was the dancer for Univision variety show of Sabado Gigante. She was involved into UPN reality and talent show of The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot of 2005. In the year 2005, she did release as CD under the name of Ringing in My head. In the year 2006, she signed the contract to perform with Cherry Lane Music Publishing. According to her bio, she was born in 1982 and her age is 36 years now.

Cori Yarckin  Family

When it comes to her family, she was born with a brother called Brandon. She likes her shoes and she was raised in the city of Orlando. She is a fan of the Orlando Magic Basketball team. She has recorded 10 songs album which was released in March 2005.

She says that she would like to be involved more into TV and films, but she is more focused to her music.

Cori Yarckin Career

Cori Yarckin has a web site called www.coriyarkcin .com. she introduces herself as Cori. She says that she is a musician, personality and host. She likes making the people to smile. She works at Orlando Magic games where she acts as a fool or the in-arena emcee. She is also available on She also appears on Fox Sports FL or at Sky Sports also. She had also a page on MySpace.

Cori Yarckin Education, now

Cori Yarckin did her high school education at West Orange High School. Up to now, there is not that too much information in regards of what Cori Yarckin is doing. She is known to use guerrilla marketing and she was able to get more than 250,000 fans at She was voted as the number one, unsigned artist at Myspace. She was able to market, to book and to organize different nationwide tours. She was able to perform in a high –stake and pressure situations at a constant basis. She was voted to be the fan favorite at The Next of CW’s.

Cori Yarckin Dating

Cori Yarckin is a well known figure, who had been on the Rolling Stone magazine and who performed on the TRL. She had released albums while in Japan and she opened for well known bands. One of her mentors is Gloria Estefan. However, with a successful career, she seems to be single up to now. There is no record of having any relationship or having dated anyone before.


27 Dec, 2018