Codi Butts was born in the year 1992, in the city of Westminster in South Carolina. He is over 25 years now and he started in tv shows such as Floribama Shore together with Kortini Gilson and Nilsa Prowant. He is a real gentleman and has a chubby smile. He worked as a bartender. He is an American by nationality and he wanted to act from the time he was still too young. However, his biography does not contain the information about his parents and his education.

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When Codi Butts started to act, he appeared on the Jersey Shore Spinoff at MTV named Floribama. He had been appearing on the show with Gus Caleb Smyrnios, Jeremiah Bouni and Candace Rice. He does have the Instagram account with over 36K followers. The Instagram is under his name. He likes to post many photos of himself on the account.

Net worth

Even if it is believed that he was able to make enough money through his acting, his salary and his net worth are not disclosed yet. He had not won any award by now, but he is doing the best job.

Married, wife, dating

Codi Butts is not married yet and there is no information about the past relationship he was in. However, he says that he liked a girl named Aimee, a young girl who grew up in a small town of Alabama. They became friends first since they can relate to each other well. However, Aimee did not agree with his love and said that he loves him like his brother and there is no love between them that will take place. He also said that he would have liked dating Nisla Prowant. Before acting and while working like a bartender, Codi Butts had a crush on the bar manager called Tracy and loved her too much. Having not been married or having friends, he does not have any known children.


Codi Butts is known as the funniest person in the cast of Floribama Shore. He likes to wear Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts and he likes to go fishing or hunting during the evening period. He does not talk about other family members.

Codi Butts started to work at the bar called The Sport on The Alley, it is an old people’s bar found in Seneda of South Carolina. While auditioning for the show, he was with his sister who supported and encouraged him to join the show.

While in the show, his love interest is Candace Rice. He tries his best to win his love, by dating other girls so that she can be jealous or by begging on his knees in asking her to go out for a date. Candace agreed to date Codi, but refused him at the last minute.

Codi Butts likes books, mostly the ones he got on Christmas from his grandmother.

26 Feb, 2019