Christopher Velez

Christopher Velez is a famous American-Ecuadorian singer. Christopher is mostly known for being one of the members of a band named CNCO. Christopher Velez was born as Christopher Bryant Velez Munoz in New Jersey on 23rd November 1995.

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Christopher Velez Bio

Christopher was born in the United States but he spent most of his life in Ecuador. The name of his father is Leonardo Velez and his mother’s name is Jenny Paulina. Christopher went to La Salle to complete his education. After Christopher turned 18, he moved back to the United States from Ecuador to support his family. Christopher was interested in music. He had a dream of moving to another country to pursue his career in the music industry. Cristopher could not move to another country to pursue his dream due to poor financial conditions. Christopher created his own YouTube channel where he used to upload his covers.

How did Christopher’s Career Start in Music Industry?

Christopher got an opportunity to perform in an audition for a Spanish language singing competition show called “La Banda”. Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell started this show in the year 2015. After the audition, Christopher was selected as one of the participants of this show. Christopher got 85% of the votes from the audience for a song which he sang for the audition. Christopher kept on the hard work and made great progress till the end of the season. He won the first season of La Banda. A band with the name of CNCO was formed which comprises Christopher Velez and other winners of the show La Banda. This band has 5 members including Christopher Velez. CNCO got a contract from Sony Music Latin for five years and Ricky Martin became the representative of the band. The debut song of the band CNCO was released in January 2016. The song was listed at number 25 on “Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Play” and at number 23 on “Hot Latin Songs”. Later on, the debuted song occupied the number 1 position on “Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Play”. Later in 2016, the first album of CNCO was released in August. The album was titled “Primera Cita”. Christopher also performed during the tours which CNCO did with their representative Ricky Martin. In October 2016, the CNCO released a single which became their most successful single. This song was listed on number 11 under the category of hot 100 in Billboard’s Bubbling under Hot 100.

Is Cristopher Velez Married?

Christopher Velez is 23 years old bachelor. He is not married yet. There is no news about his involvement in any serious relationship as of now. Christopher is a good looking young singer. Being a celebrity, Christopher takes good care of his personality and his hairstyle is liked by the young generation. There is no authentic report on Christopher’s salary, however, according to various sources his estimated net worth is around 1 Million Dollars.

29 Jan, 2019