Cheyenne was born on 25 July 1990 and she was born in Arizona in the United States of America. The name of her father is Earl Woods Junior and the name of Cheyenne’s mother is Susan Woods. She is known to be 5 feet and 6 inches tall. As a matter of fact, Cheyenne is the niece of Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods is a known name in the world of Golf. He had also been involved in several scandals and a bad divorce case.

Cheyenne lives in Arizona with her parents and most of her childhood was spent in Arizona itself. She completed her education from Xavier College and she was also a part of the gold team of her college. She later went to Wake Forest University and completed her graduation in 2012. It is known that Cheyenne had been a winner of over 30 tournaments and she has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. In an interview, she revealed that she was introduced to golf at a very early age. Cheyenne stated that her family always supported her a lot with almost all her decisions that she took.

After completing her graduation, Cheyenne started playing professionally and the first tournament she played was LPGA Championship. She played it in 2012 and she registered her first win August 2012. The tournament that she won was Sun Coast Ladies Series. Next year in 2013, Cheyenne got a membership of Ladies European tour and as per the records, she stood 78th as per the rankings of the tournament. In 2014, Cheyenne won Volvik RACV Ladies Master and that helped her in boosting her confidence. She also shared the news of her win on twitter and the turned to be a trending topic of the day.

There is not much information available about Cheyenne but it is known that she is not married yet and she doesn’t have a boyfriend either. She also revealed that she is not willing to get married in coming future as she is only focusing on her career at the moment. There had been some rumors about her and as per the rumors, she had been dating Josh Harris. The claims can’t be verified as Cheyenne denied such things. She revealed that it will take her a little more time to learn all the trades and tricks of the game. It is believed that golf had been in her genes because her style resembles the style of Tiger Woods.

Cheyenne is known to be really pretty and she is admired by a lot of young fans. Most of her fans follow her on Instagram and they eagerly wait for her to upload her pictures. It is known that she is quite active on social media. Her total annual salary is estimated to be 80 thousand American dollars but the information about her net worth is not available on public domain. But she surely commands a high net worth.