Catrina Kidd

Catrina Kidd is a reality TV celebrity and a remodeler. She became famous when she appeared in the show called Texas Flip N Move. It aired on the DIY network. She had excellent skills so she was able to turn the crumbling and rundown home to a beautiful home in just 30 minutes episode. She is known to be a home decorator according to her professional and she had worked for a number of projects like Texas flip and Yucatan Tao Stands.

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From her biography, Catrina Kidd was born as Catrina Brooks Kid in the year 1982. She went to North Texas University based on Denton. She finished her schooling in the year 2004.

Married, husband, divorce

Catrina Kidd is a married woman. Her husband is Mark Kidd and they have four children together. They got married in the year 2008 and they live happily with their four kids, Tuck, Stockton, Joslynn and Colten. She likes to post herself and his children.

She says that her husband is the best husband in the world and she likes him because of his personality. They are happily married and there are no rumors about any divorce. Her husband was married before and they are raising his step son together. His step son is over 17 years old by now. ‘

Net worth

Catrina Kidd has not recorded her net worth, but she is known to have made enough money by being a homebuilder. It is estimated that he makes 69,339 dollars each year. When she started her career, she was a representative of house builder and started to design and to decorate the house. In five years, she wanted to broaden her career and joined the commercial market.

While remodeling at a restaurant, she got a chance to appear on a screen for some minutes. After sometime, the executive producer did ask her to be on the cast of Flip N Move. During her career, she did appear on different properties like Texas Flip, Yucatan Taco Stands and Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. The show is about getting old houses and to sell them on a profit after remodeling.


Kidd was born, grew up and got married in Texas. He was born to parents Letha Brooks and Earl Brooks. She was born with two siblings, Cody and Chris. She now lives in Weatherford in Texas and her hometown is at Grandview in Texas. She is living in a farm of the family and she likes the country life. The farm has cattle and participate in the cattle quality contests. The herd is called Kidd Cattle Company. She likes to go to horse riding, go to vacation and she likes fishing. Her partner Casey owns a company that works in moving, transporting and relocation of the properties.

Her father died when she was still young, but even at early age, she was encouraged to follow what she liked most.

27 Feb, 2019