Britney Young

Britney’s biography

Britney Young was born on June 2, 1988, in Tokyo, Japan. Britney spent childhood life in Eagle River, Alaska. Britney’s father is Fred Young and an African-American, who was a former basketball player of Mountain View Tigers; and her mother is American. Britney is American by nationality, but she identifies herself as half-African. Britney is of Multiracial ethnicity. Britney also has two brothers, Dom and Nichole Young. Britney weighs 251 lbs and is feet and 9 inches tall. Britney earned her degree from Los Angeles’ USC School of Cinematic Arts.

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Britney considered herself as a bookworm, and she loves to hang out in a library. The book-lover is said to have consistently completed 30 to 40 books yearly. Britney also enjoys watching movies, and she had watched all the episode of GLOW before she became part of the film in 1990. Britney also has two pets, Soba and Yoshi.

Britney said her first two years in America was hell as she found it hard to adjust. When she was in Japan, she stood out because she was an American, but when she stepped in Los Angeles, it was different. However, she was determined to pursue her dream. Britney even made a joke that she stood out when she was in Alaska because she was fat and from a mixed race. Britney said her life in Alaska was a bit challenging because every time she walked on the streets, everybody stared at her and it became hurtful.

Britney’s school days were filled with kids yelling at her telling her that she was fat. Packed with determination, she tried to ignore the negativity. That was the time she started to love watching movies and tv shows. She grew up being bullied at school, but then she realized that she is worthy of anything and the only person who matters is herself. Britney eventually learned to stand for herself and her rights.


What is Britney’s age?

Britney is now 30 years old. Britney dreamed of becoming an actress at a young age, and she even attended USC School of Cinemas Arts.

Brittany’s husband

Britney Young isn’t known to be married or even dating. That part of her life isn’t disclosed yet.

Facts on Britney’s Career

Britney is an actress known for her role on GLOW.

In 2016, Britney Young became part of the movie in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Britney made few appearances on the television series I’m Back at Camp with Josh. In the same year, she also appeared in Those Who Can’t and Better Things, which she played as Debbie. Britney worked as an accounting clerk for Savages and served as assistant executive producers of the series Mentalist and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water before becoming an actress.

When she auditioned for a role in GLOW, she thought she wasn’t doing well and didn’t expect to get the role. Britney got elated when she got a call from the team, and the rest of the audition went smooth.

Britney Young  Net worth

Young's net worth is estimated to be $100 thousand.

06 Dec, 2018