Blair Tindall


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Blair Tindal is an American journalist, performer, producer, and speaker. She is well-known for her role in Malcolm X and Mozart in the jungle.


Blair Tindal was born on February 2, 1960, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her father George Brown Tindall who is an American author and a historian and her mother Blossom Tindall. Blair Tindall was a gifted child. She was very good with piano from her school days. She received her early education from North Carolina School of Arts. Interest in music made her join the junior high school band. Even though she was good with piano, she took oboe in school.

The reason for her to choose oboe at school was her surname. When the students were allowed to pick the instruments based on the alphabetical order, she was the last one to choose. When she got the chance to choose, the only remaining instrument was Oboe. Her thrive to learn more about music made her join the Manhattan school of music where she got her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in music. Tindall also has a degree in communication from Stanford University and she also studied at Columbia University.

Who is the writer of Mozart in 'the Jungle'?

Blair did not just write the book, she also had a cameo role on a series, which is based on her book

Blair's Career

Blair Tindall had a successful career as a musician. She worked in New York City as a professional musician for 23 years. She became a famous oboist and played with many groups in New York, two of them are New York Philharmonic and Orchestra of St. Luke’s. She made her name and place in the music industry when she gave a solo performance in Carnegie Recital Hall in mid-town Manhattan. For her Debuted solo performance in Carnegie Recital Hall, she was nominated for the Grammy award.

Along with being a musician, she also appeared in many films, some of them are Mozart in the Jungle in 2014 and 2015, Malcolm X as a musician, The Inkwell in 1994, as an oboist. Apart from being a musician, Blair Tindall was a speaker, teacher, journalist, and producer. She taught journalism at the Stanford University. She also worked as a music teacher in Mills College and the University of California, she mainly taught oboe.

While studying at Stanford University, she worked as a business reporter at the Examiner. After her success in the journalism career, she went on to write in many newspapers, some of them include The New York Times and The Sydney Morning Herald. As an author, she published a book called Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music in 2005, which represents her experience in the classical music world. Later, Amazon went on to produce the series Mozart in the jungle inspired by the book. Since the book exposed the curse in the classical music industry, Blair was blacklisted from the musical industry. But that doesn’t seem to concern Blair and she is proud of the book.

Is Blair Tindall married? Who is Blair Tindall’s husband?

On February 3, 2006, Blair got married to Bill Nye who is a Mechanical Engineer. Blair and Nye were together only for seven weeks. Nye left when the marriage license was declared invalid.

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