Billy was born on 29 March 1962. He was born in Orlando in Florida in the United States of America. His childhood was not spent at a single place and he lived in Florida and California across his childhood. It is known that Billy’s family member was a part of US Military. The name of his father is not known but as per the records, Billy’s father was an officer in US Navy and Billy once revealed that his father was the man who inspired him to play baseball.

Billy completed his education from Mount Carmel High School and he also played for the school team. Apart from baseball, Billy also played basketball and football and he was a very active kid. Later he stopped playing other sports and he only concentrated on baseball. Billy later enrolled at the University of California and he also played for the college team.

Billy started his baseball career after completing his college and he signed his first contract with New York Mets he played several matches for them the price of his first contract is known to be 125 thousand dollars. Later in 1986, Billy started playing for Minnesota Twins and he played for the team for less than two years. In 1988, Billy got an offer from Detroit Tigers and he readily accepted the offer to play with the team.

In 1989, Billy was a part of Oakland Athletics. He later got into the managerial role of the baseball team. It was revealed that in 2002, Billy received an offer from Boston Red Sox to work as their GM and he was being offered 12.5 Million Dollars for the game but he later refused to work for them. Billy also worked in corporate industry and he had been one the board of director for a software company. The name of the company is known to be Net Suite and Billy took several important decisions for the company. It is also known that Billy had been an inspiration for an author and a book had been written on his decision making capabilities.

It is known that Billy had been married twice and the details of his first wife are not available on public domain. After divorcing his first wife, Billy got married to Tara Beane in 1999. It is also known that Tara gave birth to twin children after her marriage with Billy. As per the records, Billy also has a daughter with his first wife. The name of his twins is Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane. The name of Billy’s daughter is known to be Casey Beane.

The total annual salary of Billy is not known but as per an estimate, his total annual salary is known to be less than 10 Million American Dollars. Also, his total net worth is estimated to be over 6 Million American Dollars. Billy is active on social media and he often uploads the pictures of his family on Instagram. He also shares live feeds on the platform and his complete biography is available on Wikipedia and other online sources.