Benji Aflalo

Benji Aflalo works as a writer, actor and a comedian of American nationality. He is the co-creator, star and writer of the Alone Together, a television show at Freeform. Affalo was born and also raised in the city of Los Angeles in California. He went to Jewish School for his elementary and middle school; however, he is not a religious person. He says that he loves comedy and he grew up while watching the favorite comedian at Comedy Central.

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From his biography, the first job of Affalo was at The Burn with Jeff Ross. He then wrote the content at Comedy Central Roast series and it included the roasts of Justin Bieber and James Franco. He was the co-writer of 30th Annual for Film Independent Spirit Award of 2015. For the role, he was nominated for Writers Guild of America award for the Best Comedy and Variety Special. He is now writing, producing and starring for Alone Together series available at Freeform. He released the comedy album called Formula Baby and appears in The Comedy Store.


When he was working for Comedy Store, he met a new comedian named Esther Povitsky. They did produce and co-wrote the short film named Alone Together in the year 2014. It was then acquired and then developed into 10 episode television series for Freeform. Season one started in the year 2018 and it got renewed for the second season. The ten episodes of the season two started in the year 2018 in the Hulu. Povitksy and Affalo got the experience from this show. As it happens in real life, Povitksy and Affalo characters appear as platonic best friend and they want to get their success in the city of Los Angeles. Most of the content is being improvised.

Even if Benji Aflaro and Esther Povitsky met while at Comedy central, they did not became friends until they met at a grocery store and from that time, they became inseparable. The series is more about dating and sex and it may be a put off for some viewers who may associate the network which was called ABC family with teen melodramas such as Melissa & Joey and Switched at Birth.

However, Alone Together tone is in line with the latest trajectory of Freeform since it is moving away of the clean family fun to a more mature programming. Benji and Esther do not act as a couple and they are not even a couple off screen. They work together trying to help each other, while they both navigate the adulthood and the misadventures that they meet. During the comedy, Benji plays as Benji, a trust fund kid who was born in Beverly Hills and lives with an older brother. Esther Povitsky plays as a Midwest woman who wants to make comedy.

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He is not any relationship and has not been married or divorce record.

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His salary and net worth are not disclosed.

26 Feb, 2019