Atsuko Remar

Those who keep in touch with Hollywood films would most certainly know the name of James Remar. He is one of the better known actors of Hollywood and has done a number of impressive roles in films like Sex and The City. He has quite a few other good and successful movies to his credit and these include The Girl Next Door, Django Unchained and Too Fast and Too Furious. However, in this article we will be talking more about Atusko Remar the wife of James Remar.

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Early Life

Nothing significant is known about the early life of Atusko. She perhaps would like to keep her date of birth, early education, details about her parents and other such details away from public glare. However, she has been able to make an impact in the minds and hearts of her supporters because of her extreme good looks and the fact that she is the wife of James Remar. Given her sophisticated and polite disposition it is possible that she must have a good upbringing to say the least.

Personal Life

Talking about her personal life the most significant event was her marriage to James Remar. The marriage date is even today shrouded in mystery and the couples are very ferociously guarding the same from public gaze even after so many years. But the fact remains that they are happily married for many years now and this is proven by the fact that they are often seen in public places.

They are happy to spend time with each other and this has gone to scotch rumors that James might be a gay and all. They have a son and a daughter. The name of the son is Jason Remar while the name of her daughter is Lisa Remar. This is the only information available about them. It is quite obvious that both James and Atsuko love their children very much and they are one big happy family.


Though nothing much is known about her biography or career one thing is clear. She prefers to keep a low profile and likes to be a dedicated and good housewife. She does look very beautiful and is tall and lithe. Her personal net worth is known but she certainly will inherit a big chunk of the net worth of James Remar, which is estimated at around $6 million.

31 Dec, 2017