Anne-France Goldwater

Who is Anne France Goldwater?

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Anne-France Goldwater is a leading television personality, a Canadian lawyer who is also popular for being an arbitrator for L’Arbitre, a popular Court Show which debuted on the V TV network. She was born on July 14, 1960, in Montreal Quebec. Her parents were Ruth Zendel and Sam Goldwater who were themselves, lawyers. She is family and constitutional attorney at Montreal who became a senior partner later on and also founded a firm in the year 1981. Anne France Goldwater did her graduation from McGill University and was summoned to the Bar of Quebec in the year 1981.

Anne Goldwater and her area of practice

The chief highlights of her practice encompass the establishment of precedent on recognizing the parental alienation syndrome, establishing the rights of children, disparate the right issues of children, giving them support in a lump sum along with mandatory reinstatement in the private educational institute. Anne also challenged both the provincial and federal laws for forbidding same-sex marriage and henceforth obtained the right to same-sex marriage. She also challenged the law which prohibits women from taking charge of their alimony, executing orders or that which prohibits them from executing child support orders.

Anne advanced protection of right in matters relating to familial issues and attained the highest of child support orders and cash provision in matters relating to matrimony in Quebec. She also got success in Eric Vs Lola case and bagged enough fame for that. She challenged laws that deny the right to spousal support after separation. Anne challenged the very constitutionality of ‘Quebec Child Support Guidelines’ while the Superior Court stated the guidelines are discriminatory towards women. But, this has to be invalidated still. The public figure Anne Goldwater is a well-known personality who has achieved a lot in the field of law. She has been the host of “The Arbitrator’, the weekly program which airs on V Television. She can speak French, English, Spanish, and Yiddish pretty well.

Anne France Goldwater’s career

Goldwater is totally a family law lawyer based in Montreal and is the partner in a firm Goldwater, Dube, along with Marie-Helene Dube. This firm, in particular, is involved in high profile family law cases of Quebec which includes Hendricks and Leboeuf Vs Quebec to legalize the same-sex marriage. Anne France Goldwater received the popular SOGIC Ally Award for her great role in Hendricks and Leboeuf V. Quebec. She earned the nickname of ‘Goldfighter’ for the controversial statements she made. Owing to her assertive style, she was chosen the host of L’Arbitre. Anne Goldwater is an outspoken public figure who earned the nickname as ‘Goldfighter’. She was chosen as a host of L’ Arbitre as she is assertive and is often compared with Judge Judy.

Anne France Goldwater’s age

She was born on July 14, 1960.

What is she doing now?

We may now hear Anne France Goldwater on iHeartRadio in US and Canada.

03 Mar, 2019