Amy was born on 5 December 1976. She was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and she was born in Texas in the United States of America. The name of her parents is not known but as per the information available, it is known that her father worked as a lawyer and her mother was a homemaker. She completed her education at Lake Highlands High School and she later went to Southern Methodist University. Amy is said to have a degree of Bachelor of Fine Art and she rated working in the theater while she was in college.

Amy did several TV shows and movies and she also received the award for Best Supporting Actress on TV. The award was sponsored by Saturn Awards. Amy also worked in Alias in 2005 and it is known that in Justice League, she gave her voice to the character of a huntress. The movie was a hit and it made huge collections on box office. It is also known that Amy worked in how I met your Mother.

Amy also worked in Dollhouse and she worked in almost 10 episodes of this game. She received a lot of fame for this show. Later, Amy started working in Happy Town and she was also featured in Human Target. The show was aired on Fox Network. It is known that Amy also worked in the Good Wife and she later got a chance to work in a horror movie. The name of the movie was The Cabin in the Woods.

Amy gained a lot of fame after working in the show called Husbands. It is also known that Amy was given a voice role in Person of Interest. Until now, Amy appeared in 3 web series along with 11 movies with her most recent movie as The Energy Specialist. She had also worked in about 35 TV shows. Her most recent TV show is known to be A Nutcracker Christmas which was aired in 2016.

In 2003, Amy decided to get married and she married James Carpinello. The couple got married in California and Amy’s husband helped her in parenting two children after their marriage. One of them was Amy’s son and the other one was Amy’s daughter. Amy’s husband worked as an actor and he has been featured in several movies and shows. The name of her son is Jackson James Carpinello and the name of her daughter is Ava Grace Carpinello.

Amy’s total annual salary is estimated to be 121 thousand American dollars and talking about her net worth, it is estimated to be between 500 thousand dollars to 1 million American dollars. The exact figure of her net worth is not known. Amy is quite popular on twitter and she often uses the platform to share her thoughts and other details. Amy also uploads her photos with her husband on Instagram and that is actually a blessing for her fans.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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