Amber Rose Revah

Biography of Amber Rose Revah

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Amber Rose Revah is a young talented British Actress. She is popularly recognized for her role of Hala (Daughter of Dictator Saddam Hussein) in BBC/HBO television series ‘House of Saddam’. Amber was born to her parents on 24th June 1986 in London, UK. She is 32 years old. She has Polish-Jewish descent from her mother’s side and Asian-Kenyan descent from her father’s side. Her maternal grandparents shifted to the United Kingdom after been evacuated from Krakow. Later her grandfather started with a shipping business. She has a sister who is working in a hospital in London and a brother who is a Ski-Instructor in Switzerland. Born on 24th June 1986, Amber is 32 years old.

Is Amber Rose Revah married?

Amber Rose Revah played a role of Yasmin in the series ‘Everywhere Nowhere’. She met her fellow actor Neet Mohan who soon became her friend and now her Fiance. She is not married yet however, she is in a beautiful relationship with Neet Mohan.

Amber's Career

Amber Rose Revah was studying ‘Contemporary Performance’ at Brunel University. While studies were on, she tried her passion for acting at the age of 17. She joined a Youth club RADA. In 2011, she got a role to play in a low-budget British film ‘Everywhere Nowhere’ where she met her fiancé. She has an extraordinary skill of acting which can be seen her remarkable work like in ‘House of Saddam’ in which she played Saddam’s daughter. She is also remembered for her role in Netflix film ‘The Punisher’.

Her another award-winning piece of work is ‘I can’t think straight’. Amber’s notable work also includes ‘From Paris with Love’, ‘The Devil’s Double’,’What remains’(a murder mystery in which she plays the role of a Pakistani girl), ‘Silent witness’ (in which she plays a character of Yasmin Doshi), ' Midsome Murders’, ‘Indian summers’(she plays a role of a Hindu girl Leena Prasad), ‘London life’, ‘Love After Sunrise’, etc. Revah's upcoming projects are ‘The World Unseen’, Director Alejandro Amenabar’s movie ‘Agora’, TV series ‘Bible’, etc. She has also featured in some commercial advertisements like one of Apple Mac book. During her career, she has played roles of characters that belong to more than 10 countries.

Amber Rose Revah’s Net worth

The promising actor is climbing the ladder of success slowly and gradually. Her terrific acting skills will fetch more and more work towards her. At present, she has appeared in many web series and movies. She is popular on the Internet too. Her Net worth is estimated to be not less than 1 million dollars.

Other facts about Amber Rose Revah

Amber Rose Revah has beautiful look, a pretty face coupled with talented skills of acting and performance. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Since she belongs to a mixed ethnicity she has got a fair, pinkish complexion with dark brown hair. Amber has got a pair of beautiful and attractive eyes, probably which makes her acting skill more profound.

28 Feb, 2019