Alexandra Neil

Alexandra Neil Bio and Age, height

Alexandra Neil was born in the year 1955 her age is 63. She is an American actress who was born as Dianne Alexandra Swift Thompson in the city of Boston in Massachusetts of United States. 

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From her bio, Alexandra Neil was born in Boston Massachusetts. She finished the college at Williams College and she focused on arts and entertainment. She had written the play called Strange Fits and it got read at Atlantic Theater of 2009. New York Stage and Film brought it to the workshop in the year 2010. Her height is 7 feet with 6 inches.

Alexandra Neil Career

Alexandra Neil had been in different characters on different soap operas in her acting career, like One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Ryan’s Hope, Another World, Texas and As the World Turns. She also appeared in television work, when she appeared on Blacklist , The Sopranos, Madigan Men, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Madoff and Blacklist. Her film credits do include The Longest Week, Listen Up Phillip, Pretty Happy, nonames: the Science of Love, Afterschool, Wall Street, Manhunter, See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Long time companion.

Neil made appearance on the Broadway for Rock’n’ Roll of Tom Stoppard. She was also in Match, were she was opposite of Frank Langella. She was in plays such as St Clements, SoHo Rep, LaMama, Jewish Rep, WPA, EST and Barrow Street Theater. She was in CATF of 20th Century Blues’ World Premiere.

Alexandra Neil worked as a teacher at Michael Howard studio, National Theater Institute and NYU Tisch where she taught acting.

Alexandra Neil Net worth

Alexandra Neil’s is not recorded yet and it is not clear how much she is making as her income. Her husband John C Vennema has a net worth of 5 million dollars.

Alexandra Neil Boyfriend, Dating & Married

Alexandra Neil is married to John C Vennema. She was dating before being married to Fredric Gale Ruffner III. They were married in 1990 but divorced. They got a child called Zoe Ruffner. From her marriage to John C Vennema, she has a stepdaughter called Bess Vennema.

Her husband John Craig Vennema was born in Houston of Texas of USA, in the year 1948. He is also an actor who appeared in The Basketball Diaries, Die Hard with Vengeance, and The Producers. Before getting married to Alexandra Neil, her first wife was Maureen Jo Missner.

He performed for The Scottish Play of La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego of California where he was Alex McConnell. He played like a brokerage owner named Lawrence Conors in the Broadway Empire for its fifth episode. He was a recurring guest star in the series. He started to act in 1981. She does not have any boyfriend besides her husband.


11 Dec, 2018