Alexander Younger 

Alexander Younger was born in the year 1970 and he is a businessman of Canadian nationality. He is the founder of digital marketing firm lab based in Toronto. In the year 1992, he got married to the designer and the television host named Sarah Richardson.

Younger was born in the year 1970 in the city of Toronto. His father is Robin Younger and he was executive vice president and the chief operating officer of the Dominion Security which is an investment bank which merged together with the Royal Bank in the year 1988. The mother is called Patricia Younger and she has worked in many volunteer roles and they include CanSurmont since 1980. This is a program that helps the friends and family with cancer patients so that they can cope with what lies ahead. The father died because of cancer in the year 1989. The uncle of Younger is Michael Wilson and he was the former federal finance minister of Canada and then a Canadian Ambassador of United States.

For the education, Alexander Younger went to Upper Canada College since 1980 and finished in the year 1989. He attended the King’s College and then finished Canadian Securities Course.

His wife Sarah Richardson is interior designer, author and TV host. They have two children together and the family live in the city of Toronto. Younger worked as a pilot from 1985 and he helped to restore the Terminal A building of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport at Toronto Island. He works at Strategic Advisory Board at Clearview Aviation Business Park found at Collingwood Airport at the Toronto North.

The wife is the interior design guru and she is a host of different TV shows on HGTV such as Room Service, Sarah’s House design with Sarah’s Cottage. He works with Alexander Younger who is an owner of Design Lab and he was in a boutique interactive agency. The two are sounding boards and they collaborated on certain projects.

Alexander Younger knew Sarah’s older brother and he had a crush on her, but they decided to be together since 1998 when they met in the Christmas party. However, they were meeting only after sometime since each one was building his own business. They went to a 10 day trip in eight months of the relationship and this is when they decided to give at try their relationship for long term. Their offices are now found in one building and they have been designed to reflect their design work environment. His salary and net worth was not yet recorded but that of his wife is 8 million dollars.

From Sarah’s biography, she was born in the year 1971. She is 1.67 meter and her weight is 58 kilograms. Her hair is auburn and brown and the eyes are green and gray. She likes to put on earrings and to make her eyes to look prominent.