Alek Wek is a famous model and women’s accessories designer. Alek started her journey as a model in the year 1995 and earned a fair share of fame in her field.

Personal Life of Alek Wek

Alek Wek was born on 16th April in the year 1977 in Wau, Sudan. Alek’s biography contains various facts about her early days in Sudan. Alek’s father, Athian was associated with the education department in Sudan and her mother Akoul was a housewife.

According to the information available about Wek’s family, her father died in the year 1985 in Sudan. Alek grew up in a house where there was no sign of electricity and other basic necessities of life. There is no record of Alek’s educational qualifications. Alek has gone through a lot before becoming a famous model. Alek escaped from the rebel forces in Sudan in the year 1991 and took refuge in the United Kingdom.

Married Life of Alek Wek

As far as Alek’s marital life is concerned, she was married to Riccardo Sala. Riccardo Sala is an Italian Businessman associated with the real estate business. Alek and Riccardo got married in the year 2003. Riccardo and Alek spent 10 years together as husband and wife before they separated their ways in the year 2013 and got a divorce. Alek mostly focuses on her professional life now.

 Alek Wek Career

Alek Wek Stepped into the fashion industry when she was 18. Alek made an appearance in a music video by Tina Turner in the year 1995. This was her first modeling job which led to more opportunities. In 1996, Alek was part of two more video songs titled “Til It’s Gone” and “Got”. After the model moved to New York, the United States, more opportunities were waiting for her there. Alek got a contract with a famous modeling agency.

She became famous in no time and made her appearance in Ralph Lauren’s fashion show. She got the attention of the fashion designers because of her unconventional beauty. Alek Wek is also very popular on social media, especially Twitter.


The model is also the first African-American model who worked for various fashion designers and made it to the cover of “Elle”. Alek’s looks and beauty got her to the fashion industry, but she put a lot of hard work to become a successful model. Other than “Elle”, Alek also got featured in Vogue and appeared on the covers of Forbes and Glamour. Alek didn’t just work as a model in fashion shows and music videos, she also made her debut in acting in the year 2002 when she played the character of a princess of Sudan in a movie titled “The Four Feathers”. Besides being a model, Alek is blessed with another talent. 

The model is an exceptional designer too and she started her own handbags line in the year 2005 with the name “wek1993”. Alek has won numerous awards including “Model of the Year” by the MTV. Being a top model who owns a designer handbags line, has brought her a great fortune as her estimated net worth is around 50 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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