Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton- who is he?

Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr., as Al Sharpton is better known, was born in the year 1954 October-3 in Brooklyn’s Brownville neighborhood to Alfred Charles Sharpton Sr and Ada. He is a civil rights activist of America, a Baptist minister, radio talk show host and a television show host. He has acted as a President Adviser at the White House for Barack Obama. Alfred Charles Sharpton has also been the candidate for the US Presidential election, and indeed hosts his radio talk show, namely, ‘Keepin’ It Real’. He makes frequent appearances in the cable news television. Sharpton was addressed as the host of “PoliticsNation” which is a nightly talk show.

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Al Sharpton age and bio

Al Sharpton was born on 3rd October 1954 and ages 64 in the year 2018. He is popular as an actor, well known for ‘Mr. Deeds’, ‘Malcolm X’ and ‘Madea Goes to Jail’. He got married on 31st October 1980 to Kathy Jordan and has two children. He is separated from his wife and lives with his children. The supporters of Sharpton praise and appreciate him immensely for the ability to defy and challenge the power structure which is the leading cause of problems and sufferings. Passing out from the public school of Queens and Brooklyn, he joined the Civil Right Movement actively in the late 1960s.

Al Sharpton Career

The Mayor of New York City Ed Koch states that Sharpton really deserves the respect he has earned among the black Americans. Indeed, he is ready to go to jail for them and to fight for their cause. He is an outspoken and a controversial American political activist who fights against racism and injustice did to the black Americans. In the year 1971, he formed the National Youth Movement while his supporters and critics have seen him work for Senate, as a candidate for the nomination of US Presidentship and the mayor of New York.

He gets all the media attention owing to his dramatic style which makes him so popular. He hosts the popular MSNBC show, PoliticsNation on his own since the year 2011. Sharpton is very critical of Trump who became the US President in the year 2016. On November 2017, Sharpton wrote the scathing critique on Donald Trump for

Through the radio shows and television shows, Al Sharpton shares his ideas on ways to tackle different issues. He was the host for PoliticsNation since the year 2011. The syndicated radio show, namely, ‘Keepin’ It Real’ belongs to him. He is actively involved in the direct activist intervention whereby he performs the major role in protesting against Michael Brown’s Police-related death. He also worked with the family of Eric Garner to request for a thorough investigation of his death and his death to be regarded as the violation of civil rights on the federal level.

What is the net worth of Al Sharpton? Al Sharpton family life

Al Sharpton net worth is $500000 USD. He is known for making controversial remarks on the taxation system and the political scenario.

Al Sharpton married Marsha Tinsley but the marriage lasted for only a year. His Second marriage took place in the year 1980 with Kathy Jordan and he has two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, this marriage also broke after 24 years of conjugal bliss.


19 Dec, 2018