Adrienne Clarkson

Adrienne Clarkson  Bio and Age

Adrienne Clarkson was born as Adrienne Poy in 1939, in Hong Kong. She now lives in Canada as a stateswoman and a journalist who worked as a Governor General of Canada.

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Adrienne Clarkson reached in Canada like a refugee with her family from Hong Kong when it was occupied by Japanese. She was raised in the city of Ottawa. After getting different degrees from University, she started to work as a broadcaster and a producer of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC. H

er first diplomatic position was when she promoted the Ontarian culture in European countries including France. Queen Elizabeth appointed her to be governor general following the recommendation of Jean Chretien who was Prime Minister of Canada that time. She was replacing Romeo Leblanc. She worked in the position up to the time she got replaced by Michaelle Jean. While working like Canadian Vicereine, she was under controversies since the costs of running the office increased while there were also anti-monarchist attitude in regards of the position.

From her bio, adrienne Clarkson got sworn to be one of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. This made her to be called The Honourable. However, she was already The Right Honourable since she was a Governor General in Canada. Afterwards, she published a memoir; she founded Institute of Canadian Citizenship and was Colonel-in-Chief for Canadian Light Infantry of Princess Patricia.

Adrienne Clarkson  Family, husband, married, children

Adrienne Clarkson was born in Hong Kong. He father is William Poy who was born in Victoria and repatriated in Hong Kong where she worked for Canadian Government. He got married to Ethel Poy and they got two children; Neville who was born in 1935 and Adrienne who was born in 1939.

Husband Adrienne Clarkson finished her schooling at Lisgar Collegiate Institute and she rolled in Trinity College at University of Toronto. While studying here, she got a Governor General’s Medal in English. She graduated in 1960. With a Bachelor of Arts degree and got honors in all subjects. She also got master’s degree of English Literature in the University of Toronto.

After graduation, she started to work at Sorbonne, Paris in France. She was working with the thesis of George Meredith’s poems. After one year, she got married to Stephen Clarkson, a political science professor of University of Toronto. Her second husband was John Ralston Saul.

Together with her husband, they got three daughters, Kyra who was born in 1969 and Chloe and Blaise born as twins in 1971. At nine months of age, Chloe died because of sudden infant death syndrome. After four years, Stephen and Adrienne asked for a divorce and the custody of the children was given to the husband.

Adrienne Clarkson  Career and Net worth

Adrienne Clarkson started her Career at CBC as freelance book reviewer and worked with the corporation for over 30 years

Her net worth is not recorded yet.


28 Nov, 2018